Position Papers/Policy Briefs

FSME publishes various position papers expressing our members' stance on specific government policies or issues. These papers also provide recommendations for government action. Here are our latest position papers:

Lowering the Costs of Doing Business:

This paper addresses the challenges faced by businesses in Uganda, particularly in light of the World Bank Group's 'Doing Business report 2018'. It discusses Uganda's drop in ranking and suggests reforms in various areas such as starting a business, obtaining permits, accessing electricity, property registration, credit availability, tax payment, contract enforcement, investor protection, and insolvency resolution. For the detailed paper, please contact info@fsmeuganda.org.

Improving Access to Finance:

This paper highlights the difficulties MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) encounter in accessing finance and proposes solutions to make affordable finance more accessible for SMEs, which are crucial for innovation, employment, and economic growth. It emphasizes the limitations of formal financial institutions and suggests alternative financing mechanisms like promoting Saving and Credit Societies (SACCOS), cooperative banks/societies, and investment clubs. It also recommends government interventions such as reviewing taxation to incentivize venture capitalists and developing a secondary market for equity investments in SMEs.

Positioning SMEs as Drivers for Job Creation and Decent Work:

This paper focuses on the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in job creation in Uganda. It notes that while SMEs are significant contributors to employment, they face challenges in attracting skilled workers. The paper suggests measures to address the skills gap, including promoting co-investments by the private sector in skills development, incentivizing formal training organizations to recognize informal learning, supporting SMEs in conducting skills audits, and fostering partnerships between industry and training providers to enhance skills development.

These position papers aim to provide insights and recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders regarding key issues affecting businesses and employment in Uganda.