Budget Submissions

The National Budget serves as the primary tool for the Government to put its policies into action. Each year, the National Budget Framework Paper (BFP) is published, outlining the fiscal policy framework and strategy for the upcoming Budget Year. In response to this paper, the FSME (Financial Services and Markets Expertise) conducts consultations with its members, gathering their views and recommendations to be included in a budget submission.

These submissions are then reviewed by the Government in the process of developing and approving the budget for the next financial year, a deadline that falls on May 31st of each year. If you have any suggestions regarding rules and regulations that impede your business growth or hinder entrepreneurship, productivity, and innovation, you can submit your comments to FSME for consideration in the next budget submission.

Below are the most recent budget submissions:

  • Budget submission for the year 2017
  • Pre-budget submission for the year 2016
  • Pre-budget submission for the year 2015