Annual SME Policy Agenda

The Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (FSME) in Uganda is dedicated to championing the interests and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country. One of the pivotal initiatives undertaken by FSME is the Annual SME Policy Agenda, a strategic roadmap aimed at empowering SMEs and fostering a conducive business environment.

Key Objectives:

Advocacy: The Annual SME Policy Agenda serves as a platform for advocating policies and regulations that support SME growth and sustainability. FSME collaborates with government bodies, policymakers, and stakeholders to address challenges faced by SMEs and propose solutions for a thriving SME ecosystem.

Policy Recommendations: Through comprehensive research and analysis, FSME identifies key policy areas crucial for SME development. These recommendations cover a wide range of issues such as access to finance, regulatory reforms, market access, skills development, and technology adoption, among others.

Capacity Building: FSME recognizes the importance of capacity building for SMEs to thrive in a competitive market. The Annual SME Policy Agenda includes initiatives for capacity building through training programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of SME owners and entrepreneurs.

Networking and Collaboration: The Agenda facilitates networking opportunities for SMEs to connect with industry experts, investors, and other stakeholders. Collaborative efforts are encouraged to leverage collective strengths and resources for the benefit of SMEs and the broader business community.

Monitoring and Evaluation: FSME ensures accountability and transparency by monitoring the implementation of policy recommendations outlined in the Annual SME Policy Agenda. Regular evaluations assess the impact of policies on SMEs, allowing for adjustments and refinements to better support their needs.