Refugees Project

Promoting life skills and livelihood opportunities for refugees in urban communities in Uganda

This project is aimed at strengthening the life skills and income-generating capabilities of 250 refugees in four urban centres of Uganda, namely: Kampala, Arua, Kasese and Gulu. The goal is to enhance their technical, financial, life and literacy skills that will enable them to enhance their livelihood skills. The skills that will be imparted will be those market relevant ones, that enhance their opportunities for employment and/or setting up of new business ventures. The primary project beneficiaries are 250 refugees, both male and female. The project provides training in various income generating skills like: tailoring, shoe repair, tailoring, carpentry, trading etc. The project also involves advocacy activities with local governments to allow engagement of refugees in income generating activities. As this project aims to improve livelihoods at household level, household members are also indirect beneficiaries.

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