Membership and services

Membership and services sub-committee

The Membership Subcommittee is responsible for advising management on maintaining and growing the membership of FSMEU. The subcommittee seeks new methods for engaging with our members, and identifies mechanisms for the federation to provide maximum value to the different members, including the organizational and individual members. Its mandate includes:

  • To advise the secretariat on identifying potential new members;
  • To advise the secretariat on maintaining relationships with existing members;
  • To advise the secretariat on communicating the clear membership value proposition to current and future members.
  • To advise on developing any new membership structures and services.

The present members of the membership sub-committee include:

  • David Mulya
  • Alex Kakooza
  • Saudah Nakasinde
  • Sarah Kyesimire
  • Gerald Male
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