Greening Project

Greening operations in the SME sector in Uganda

This project, “Greening operations in the SME sector” is aimed at contributing to sustainable development and minimizing environmental impact from the SME sector in Uganda; through the promotion of best practices of sustainable product innovation and energy efficiency. This project is in line with the overall goal of Switch Africa Green; which is to support African countries in their transition to an Inclusive Green Economy, and in promoting a shift to more sustainable consumption and production patterns and practices.  The specific objective of this project is that at its end, 300 SMEs recognize the benefits of the sustainable product innovation approach and energy efficiency techniques; and can demonstrate adopting them in their businesses. The project uses both supply and demand side methods to promote sustainability. On the supply side, interactive trainings for SMEs on marketing, networking events and trade promotion activities help to open up new markets.   On the demand side, workshops and media campaigns aimed at raising awareness among policy makers and governmental institutions help foster demand for sustainable products. These actors then help to implement enabling policy instruments for SCP, as well as to open up new markets for sustainable products, mainly in the area of public procurement. The final beneficiaries of this project are the MSME sector, intermediary business associations and NGOs whose work focuses on sustainable development.

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