Digital Literacy Project

Digital awareness and skilling project for SMEs in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA)

The Digital literacy and Skilling project for SMEs seeks to address the digital illiteracy, that is pervasive among MSMEs in Uganda. According to a 2015 study by the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (FSME), only 9% of the 300 businesses interviewed have their contacts listed online, only 6% say that they advertise online, only 22% admitted to having basic computer knowledge, only 14% confirmed that they are benefiting from their online engagement. The objective of this project therefore is to assist the target MSMEs understand and harness the opportunities that ICT offers their businesses, through improving their skills and capabilities in basic ICT functionalities. Ultimately, these digital skills will foster entrepreneurship, innovation and boost competitiveness of these MSMEs. The project targets 500 entrepreneurs in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area including areas of Mukono, Entebbe and Wakiso. The trainees are skilled using the “Digital Citizen and Digital Citizen Plus” curriculum of the internationally recognized International Computer Drivers’ License (ICDL) which introduces basic skills and concepts in computer use, desktop management, searching the web, sending emails, using social media, creating and editing documents. At the end of the training, the SMEs will have been empowered to use ICT and the internet to meet their business needs. The project is being implemented with funding from the Uganda Communications Commission. Other project partners include: International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Africa and Makerere University.

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