Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan 2016 – 2020

Every five years we put together a strategic plan. Our current strategic plan 2016-2020 sets out our vision and ambition for the period 2016-2020.  This strategic plan aims to:

  • Evaluate the accomplishments of FSMEU during the period of the past strategic plan of 2011- 2015;
  • Guide the operations of FSMEU in the coming five years and ensure optimal utilization of available resources
  • Inform stakeholders what FSMEU intends to do during the next strategic period;
  • Constitute a tool to be used to mobilize and raise resources for FSMEU.

Our vision for this period is: to be and remain the largest apex organisation promoting and protecting the interests of small and medium sized business owners in Uganda. Our mission is: To equip SMEs for success and growth through ensuring that there is a conducive environment for business and access to quality business development services.

Our strategic goals for this period include:

Goal 1: To build a strong membership base of 100,000 by 2020

Goal 2: To build the capacity of the FSMEU secretariat to deliver on the mandate of the organization

Goal 3: To strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of members through offering business development services

Goal 4: To promote a good relationship with Government, Development Partners, Stakeholders

Goal 5: To promote the FSMEU brand and image


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